Monday, March 16, 2009

Rel Community: House Prayers

Last night at Rel Community in our Student Ministry we had a worship experience that included a cool prayer element. We had the layout of a house taped to the floor. It included all your basic rooms you would find in your house. The challenge was to spend time praying and asking God to be involved in all aspects of your life.

We focused on the story of Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42), and talked about how Mary chose what was best. Martha was doing something that was good, but she was missing out on being with Jesus. We were all challenged at the begining our worship time to choose what was best, and bring Jesus with us into all the rooms of our house. The rooms stood for different things for different people. For some people the Living Room stood for time they spent with family, while others it represented what they watched on TV. The closet for some people represeneted things they kept hidden, while for some they used it to signify the things they chose to wear.

In each of the rooms we included some paper on the floor for people to write their thoughts out and also write their prayers to God. Our Students and Group Leaders wrote some pretty incredible and challenging things. Take a second this week to read Luke 10:38-42, and then look over these pictures or maybe even walk through your own house and ask Jesus to be involved in all aspects of your life.

Living Room





Game Room

Dining Room