Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Let me just take a moment to celebrate the accomplishments of our 2009 graduates. We are so very proud of all that they have done and the many great things they will soon be heading off to do. They have put in a ton of work (and their parents have too, plus a lot of money ha ha), over the years to arrive at the end of their Senior Year in High School. Countless late nights doing homework, numerous cramming sessions for tests, and hours upon hours of classroom time have all finally added up to them getting to turn their tassel. Please be sure over the next few weeks to congratulate them yourselves and let them know how proud we are of them. Please also encourage them in this next stage of their lives. Challenge them to keep the faith, to grow spiritually, and to continue the race set before them. It can be a very difficult transition.

Let me also let you know what we will be doing to honor our grads. On May 31st we will be having a special recognition breakfast just for our HS grads and their parents. It will be a wonderful time to celebrate this moment, thank their parents, and look forward to the next stage of their life. The following week June 7th, we will spend some time in the Gathering Place showing a video that will show highlights from the special breakfast the week before and honor our graduates (HS and College). We will also spend some time honoring our HS grads as well as our College Grads by praying for them as a church. Both the breakfast on May 31st and the elements in the service on June 7th will be very special for our students. Please be sure to be here on June 7th to recognize our students and celebrate what they have done. Please also begin praying for them and their parents (this is a very busy time for them). Pray also that they would continue to grow into men and women who are passionate about God and His Kingdom. Pray that they would be fishers of men.

Congrats Grads!