Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Special Thanks to Everyone at Rel Community

This past Sunday night at Rel Community, our students and group leaders threw Alicia and I a surprise party for Baby Zeke. It was so thoughtful of them. Here are some thoughtful things they did, highlights from the night, and some other things I noticed:
  • The students made a scrap book for us. Each student did a page or two. It turned out pretty sweet and now we have a way to look back at past Student Ministry Events. It's in my office right now on the coffee table, but It's gonna be great to have around the house to show friends and family different things our students have done.
  • It's also kind of creepy that the students were able to create a scrapbook of most of our lives just from the pictures we have up on Facebook. I'm surprised that George Orwell didn't specifically name Big Brother Facebook in his classic novel 1984.
  • The students decorated, brought baked goods and balloons. It was one happening place on Sunday night.
  • The activity for the night was Price is Right: Baby Style. Not only was this hilarious, but we also learned that Turner Seal pales (yes that's also a tanning joke) in comparison to Bob Barker.
  • Probably the biggest thing that blessed me on Sunday night was realizing the wonderful family God has put around us here at Parkside. It was so thoughtful for our students and group leaders to do something like that on their own and they did it in such a loving and thoughtful way. I can't wait to introduce our new son to each of them.
And yes, as I write this my wife has yet to go into labor, and I have yet to get to meet my son for the first time. The due date is April 1st, just a few days away. Be praying for a safe, healthy delivery for mom and baby. Oh and be praying that he gets here sooner rather than later!