Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Things I've Been Reading

Well there was a little longer between blog post than I would like, but a lot of great stuff has been going on the past few weeks that has either kept me away form the computer or kept me pretty busy. Right after Christmas, I had the awesome opportunity to go on a Cruise with Alicia's family that was so much fun. Once we got home, a last minute plan turned into reality, and my Dad and some of my friends to a van load down to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl. We drove there and back in the course of 48 hours, but it was TOTALLY worth it.  Then finally, our Middle School Sunday Morning Group was going through a series our leader Yuri came up with called Carrots and Donuts: The Civil War Within, that focused on the struggle we have as Christians to give up certain things to go on the adventure God has for us. As a part of that our group was challenged to give up something that we spend a lot of time doing. I chose the internet, so for a week I was out of commission, but now I have some time to pass along some things to you for your perusal.

Here are some links of things I've seen or read recently. Hopefully some of them brighten your day, challenge you, or just make you laugh:

Shane Claiborne on Prayer
This is an article from Relevant Magazine. It talks about the power of prayer as a community. 

Stop Reading Your Bible
This is a link to a blog from a Youth Group that decided to stop reading their Bibles for a month. I know that sounds crazy and well, unbiblical, but check out what they are doing. It's pretty interesting.

Radical By David Platt
One of my friends at Nagel Middle School recommended this book to me. I got in on my IPOD and I have listened to the first few chapters and its been really solid. It not only challenges your thought process on what God is doing in your life, but it also challenges you to think about what God's purpose is for the church.

Inside a Moment in Time
This is something that ESPN put together on their website. It has everyone's perspective on the Eli Manning to David Tyree catch from Super Bowl XLII. Not only does it tell you some pretty cool things about the play itself, it also shows you how much work, effort, and chance went into one of the greatest plays of all-time.

The Empire Farts Back
Yeah ok so this one isn't serious at all. Still, embrace this video. Click on the link and enjoy fart after fart. It's pretty interesting what someone can do with some editing of Star Wars and a fart machine. You'll love the Yoda sequence too!